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Join Us On An Exciting Adventure through “The Imitation of Christ” on its 600-year Anniversary 

Contact us to learn more about this special initiative to launch, equip, and advance the Imitation of Christ project.

At, we ask a bold, audacious question:

What if just 10% of Christians today actually lived the way Jesus called us to? What would that world look like?

The theologian Ron Sider pondered this question when he wrote, “I have no doubt that if 10 percent of the Christians today would really live the way Jesus called us to, we would transform the world in powerful ways in the next twenty-five years.”

Indeed we would. But how? It’s a moonshot, to be sure, but it’s a vision to which we are dedicating the next 25 years. And you can help!

But how can such a vision come to pass? What will it require? Simply stated, living the way Jesus called us to means imitating the pattern that He established for us.

And that pattern has always been radical, but also essential; daring, but also exciting. And it’s the very idea that inspired the classic 15th century work by Thomas à Kempis, known appropriately as, The Imitation of Christ—a very special edition of which we are creating here in Seattle on the occasion of its 600-year anniversary—in the old style of the medieval guilds.

In the video, above, you can watch the actual process by which these amazing books are meticulously crafted by masters of this rare art.

We’re bringing this classic book front and center where it can speak to our present age and culture, revealing to us anew, in its beautiful and inspiring way, the “pearl of great price which but few find.”

But what, exactly, does it mean to “imitate Christ?” What does that look like? Is this idea even compatible with modern, practical, daily living? And what of professional ambitions and personal goals—how might those be affected? More to the point, is it even possible to live such a life today? Or is the notion of imitating Christ really just an outmoded, archaic idea to be taken more figuratively than literally?

These are but a few of the compelling questions addressed in this most profound and sublime work of devotional literature.

The fact is, for many, the idea of the imitation of Christ is unexplored territory, which means that essential spiritual truths still lie undiscovered by the average believer. But this is what promises to make The Imitation of Christ life’s most stimulating, challenging, and rewarding adventure.

We invite you to partner with us on this adventure—a twenty-five year adventure—as we work to build out a vision for amplifying these culture-impacting themes through community and extraordinary media that promises always to amaze, engage, and inspire.

When you join us as a co-visionary in this effort, we’ll thank you with this master-made, leather-bound, and exquisitely illuminated edition of The Imitation of Christ.

These amazing “books of art” are destined to become rich family heirlooms that will inspire not only yourself and your family, but generations to come.

Page through our special illuminated edition of the book here.


Did you know that The Imitation of Christ is, after the Bible, the most widely read and translated book in the world? As one of the most influential of Christian devotional writings, praised across centuries and continents, it was once described as, “The most excellent production that ever yet issued from the hand of man.”

And so we are putting gifted hands to this most excellent production in a registered, limited run of just 500 copies, 250 of which are reserved for you, our co-visionaries, in this special campaign to help launch our 25-year initiative to bring this wisdom into a spiritually hungry culture. And in the process, perhaps inspire that “10% of Christians”—whoever, wherever they may be—through local communities supported by a powerful mix of media spanning original books, music, film, art, conferences, research, broadcast media, and more.

Will you join us? We hope you’ll view the video, and even better, share the news with your network!

We look forward to connecting and partnering with you along this journey—if only in small numbers. Because, as Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has!” In the meantime, please bookmark this site (and sign up for our free magazine, What If?) so that we can keep in touch as we set out on this exciting and rewarding adventure—together.


Our special edition comprises “books” I, II, and III. The images from the prototype book pictured here show the opening spreads of the three books, each of which features a different variation on the illumination theme, which is based on authentic medieval motifs contemporary to the original 15th century work. Each page was meticulously laid out by hand in the design process. Additionally, the life of Christ is depicted in 15th century artworks—contemporary to Thomas à Kempis—that progress in chronological order through the pages of the book.

Hand-marbled endpapers—each unique art.

A few additional details are worth noting. For example, the rich leather cover is beautifully hand-stained and mottled per our specifications (the photos simply don’t do it justice), as are the amazing hand-marbled end papers. Indeed, each copy is a unique creation. The paper is a heavy archival stock, and each book receives a hand-stamp bearing its handwritten number sequence, e.g., 23/500.

We certainly understand that this is an expensive edition. Hopefully, having watched the video, you can appreciate why this is the case. These are indeed unique artistic creations produced in limited numbers by amazing artists. But that doesn’t mean it has to be out of reach. Here’s an idea: Why not pull together a few folks and go in on one for your church or parish? That way, you can involve many more people in the vision, and also enable the sharing—and beholding—of this extraordinary volume. Reserve one of these rare copies ($1,495) simply by emailing us.

While the limited edition illuminated manuscript is the cornerstone of our funding initiative, we also want to make it easy for anyone to participate in helping to advance the Imitation of Christ mission. And so we are also making this production available (featuring the same illuminated manuscript design and layout) in a handsome facsimile trade edition (faux leather cover) with cloth slip case, pictured below, for just $79.

And to help keep the book’s themes top of mind on a daily basis, we’re also delighted to offer a series of numbered, limited edition (500 of each print) art prints featuring selected passages from The Imitation of Christ—art suitable for framing. These will be printed in Giclée ink on archival paper. Each numbered limited edition print is offered at $29.

Art Print: “I Will Harken”

Art Print: “Follow Me”

Art Print: “Few Bearers”

All of these products are planned for delivery in March, 2019. In the meantime, thank you for supporting The Imitation of Christ! And by the way, the most important way you can help is through your prayers. May we count on them?