What if just 10% of Christians today actually lived the way Jesus asked us to? What would that world look like? Can you imagine it?

VIDEO: Special Edition of “The Imitation” being Crafted on its 600-year Anniversary

We hope you'll enjoy this brief video overview of our mission, as well as the amazing experience of watching our special illuminated edition of The Imitation of Christ being crafted by a true master of the trade. You can learn more about the project under the "Campaign" tab.

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The Making of an Individual

“The most ruinous evasion of all,” says the philosopher Keirkegaard, “is to be hidden in the crowd in an attempt to escape God’s supervision of him as an individual, in an attempt to get away from hearing God’s voice as an individual.” To which Thomas à Kempis concludes: “He, therefore, who aims at attaining to a more interior and spiritual life, must, with Jesus, depart from the crowd.”

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What if…

The Imitation of Christ

We invite you to partner with us as we work to build out a vision for amplifying the culture-impacting themes of The Imitation of Christ. This special edition is our thank you for your support.

Quotable à Kempis

Book One/Chapter 11: If we were to root out one bad habit every year, we should make considerable progress towards perfectness of life.

Book One/Chapter 19: Our success depends upon the strength of our purpose; and, if we would make much progress we must use much diligence.

Book One/Chapter 17: Remember that you are here to serve, not to rule; that you are called to suffer and work, not to waste your time nor to gossip.

Book One/Chapter 16: The degree of virtue anyone possesses is best manifested in times of adversity. Trials do not cause human frailty, but they serve to display what a man really is.

Book One/Chapter 14: Turn your eyes upon yourself, and avoid passing judgment upon other men’s doings.

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